featuring Russ Taff


From where I stand this looks insurmountable
Can’t see a way around what’s facing me
In my life miracles are bountiful
So why’s it still so hard to believe?
When worries are screaming in the dark
A still, small voice whispers in my heart

Don’t tell God how big your mountain is
Tell the mountain how big your God is
Tell your deepest doubts that He lives
So you can overcome
There’s nothing to be scared of
Walking in the strength of His love
Don’t tell God about your mountain
Tell the mountain about your God

I feel like David looking at a giant
My fear is sometimes bigger than my faith
What seems so unmoving and defiant
Is just my own self getting in the way
When all you see are roadblocks and walls
Watch Him use prayer like a wrecking ball

© 2011 Carpenter’s Cup Music (ASCAP) / Identical Songs Publishing (ASCAP) / Pokey and Louis Music (BMI) / Oven Music, Inc. (BMI)